Dallas, Candace, and Melanie all grew up together in the City of Detroit and graduated from Munford High School. They routinely have their girl’s day out once a month on Saturday morning to get their hair done at Vidal’s Hair Salon. Dallas is married, and a successful Ford company corporate executive in Detroit. She is in a loving relationship and though her husband was laid off, she loves him, respects him and works with him. Candace is a budding rapper working as a stripper to make enough money for her demo

Even though she lives the fast money life, her friends keep her level-headed and focused on her goals. Melanie is a successful choir director at her church. Church is her whole life. Although she is in the church, she feels sometimes that she missed out on what the world has to offer. Especially when it comes to having a man in her life. She wants a man but has had trouble finding a `good Christian man’ with the right morals and she refuses to settle.

The girls are best friends who go to Vidal’s Salon one typical early Saturday morning to get their hair washed conditioned and curled. But they are talked into getting a weave by the salon owner, Vidal, who has just received a special shipment of human hair in from India. This hair is supposed to work ‘magic’ on a woman’s head. Before getting the new weave, a very wise older godly woman named Mama-See-All, tries to warn them about the hair, “all that glistens ain’t gold.” but they don’t listen. The girls don’t know it but their new weaves are about to transform their lives!