FRIDAY JANUARY 20th, 2023 @7:30PM


Scotty is a world class studio musician on fiddle, guitar, banjo, bass and has performed since the age of 6 when he released his first vinyl record “HERE I COME WORLD”. For the last couple years Scotty has been writing and performing all over the Texas panhandle and west coast. “We have put out a few things over the years but I have never been so proud of the music we are writing and recording now. There was a period where the kind of country I play, more traditional, story and instrument driven tunes weren’t cool. Now what I do is cool again, Thank God” SA

We like to call him the best secret in country music, but not for long. Scotty’s high-energy, classic country is taking fans by storm so this secret won’t last long.




Case Hardin, a native son of San Angelo, Texas, grew up
with a ranching and rodeo background while developing a
love for traditional and neo-traditional country music. Case
began his music career his senior year of high school in 2013
and hasn’t looked back since his American Idol debut that
same year. Backed by his band, their influences are very
recognizable in the way that they play from traditional,
honky-tonk music, to more progressive Texas music. Case
released his debut album, “Over Fort Worth,” made with
members from George Strait’s, Aaron Watson’s, Cory
Morrow’s, William Clark Green’s, and Kevin Fowler’s band
from Bismeaux Studios. The newest album from Case
Hardin, entitled “Lucky Him,” was released in July of 2022,
and includes many anticipated radio singles–including the
2021 single “Alcohol Abuse”, which was his first multi-week

1 across the Texas Country Music charts. When asked

about his love for Country Music, Hardin’s response is a
simple one. “It all comes down to the words in the songs. If
I’ve gone through it, I know you’ve gone through it too. Country Music is more than a melody on the radio, it’s a