Rent the Theatre

The Stage

  • Our stage is 51′ W x 28′ deep
  • With a Proscenium opening of 42′
  • Vintage red velvet grand curtain – manual close and open
  • Electric 51′ movie screening can be flown in and out
  • Wing space: 8′ Stage left – 5′ Stage right (tight on space but has sufficient making)
  • Stage Right stairs connect to our up and over stairwell to connect to the greenroom and dressing room upstairs.


  • 500 Max occupancy
  • Replicated vintage seats – as close to the originals as we could get.
  • Front house lighting – dimmable
  • Wheel chair spaces and companion seating available for ADA accommodations.
  • Original seats are featured at the back of the auditorium to show where the mezzanine use to be.

Included in Rental

  • House Lights
  • Front lobby and use of cocktail lounge
  • Front of House Staff
  • Standard Security
  • Wi-fi

Additional Add-ons

  • Valet Parking
  • Catering
  • Lighting Package
  • Sound Package
  • Projection Package
  • Stagehand Labor

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