Saturday December 10TH, 2022

Major Attaway was the first to take over the Tony Award-winning role of The Genie in Aladdin from James Monroe Iglehart and currently holds the title of Broadway’s longest-running Genie

with over 1500 performances. Tonight, he sings your favorite holiday classics in this one-of-a-kind setting.  Come celebrate the holidays with Major!

Major Attaway is a 20+ year veteran entertainer, began his career in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area. In 2016 Attaway made his Broadway debut  in Disney’s Aladdin. He both stood by for and played the incredible roles of the Genie, Babkak, and The Sultan. In 2017 took over the Tony Award winning Genie role for 3 years. He also debuted in Mack and Mabel as Fatty Arbuckle, at NY City Center Encores in 2020 Attaway is an accomplished Voice Actor and Twitch Streamer. He has lent his voice talents to numerous projects, including One Piece, Snack World, Bread Barbershop, Smite, Fairy Tail, Battleborn, Borderlands 3, Dragon Ball Z Kai. On his Twitch Channel IPlayedMajor live streams games he voices characters in as well as with and against fans! Major can also be seen in an upcoming HBO series as well as in The Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. He is currently working on revamping his Disney based Cabaret show called The Genies Jukebox and Biohacking his way to owning every day with NuCalm.